About Us


The perfect Gift started by Sheryl Bresgi began its journey in 1997.  We were the first in our field to design and manufacture a wide range of ethnic cutlery.  All our designs are original creations and masterpieces.

From cutlery we then branched out into glassware, wire ware and then started producing beaded sculptures inspired by nature. These products are perfect in any home environment as well as adding fun to your garden and patio.

The team of artisans we work with are very talented and extremely creative.  Each piece is handcrafted and manufactured in South Africa by unskilled labourers thus creating job opportunities in disadvantaged communities.

The sales of these products create employment and financial security in the informal sector thus allowing these craftsmen and women to empower themselves and support their families.

We were awarded the Proudly South African Craft award for maintaining high quality standards, prescribed local content, fair labour practice and responsible environmental policies.

We cater for a wide variety of events, namely, corporate gifts, wedding favours, birthday gifts, Christmas gifts and so on.  All our products can be Taylor made to suit your needs.

“Our products are the original product handcrafted in South Africa and beaded to perfection by the Perfect Gift” …